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Full Spectrum Of

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Sports Betting Sports Betting

Sports Betting Solution
  • Over 60 million games transactions per month.

  • Complete turnkey solution for online or retail.

  • Effective solution for traditional branch networks.

  • Outsourcing bookmakers.

  • More than 600 million EUR in annual turnover generated by our clients.

  • Cloud of betting servers, administration anywhere in the world online.

Usage Possibilities

Live Sport Live Sport

Live Sport
  • 40,000 events per month.

  • LIVE for branches, mobile, desktop.

  • Anti-fraud” application preventing unfair betting.

  • Sophisticated interface for the work of bookmakers.

Usage Possibilities

Retail Retail

  • Agent system and Loyality program for employees.

  • Easy integration into other platforms.

  • 1500+ installed POS with central control on regulated markets.

  • Unique All-in-one terminals or installation on your existing POS.

Usage Possibilities

Premium Software
For Bookmarkers

Over 60 million games transactions per month, verified by operators on regulated markets.

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Mobile Mobile

  • Responsive HTML5 design.

  • Easy plug-in connection to foreign platforms.

  • Application for Android and iOS, also for tablets.

  • Customisation and individual player application settings.

Usage Possibilities

Online Online

  • Responsive HTML5.

  • Special marketing modules.

  • Sophisticated and unique gaming CMS.

  • Load verification of more than 2,500,000 visitors/month.

Usage Possibilities

Casino Casino

  • Intuitive administration.

  • Very fast deployment.

  • Platforming allowing connection to various payment method suppliers.

  • Unlimited connection to games.

Usage Possibilities

One Application
Customized Solution

Do everything for your players. Arrange a unique mobile solution for them so they can bet wherever they may be.

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Virtual Sports Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports
  • 24h operation.

  • No animation! Real film recordings.

  • For branch networks, online mobile, tablet.

  • Over 1,300 real races every 10 minutes.

Usage Possibilities

Gaming Crm Gaming Crm

Gaming Crm
  • Player retention programme.

  • CRM built on gaming platform.

  • Unique marketing campaign management.

  • Integration of email service providers.

Usage Possibilities

Odds Data Service Odds Data Service

Odds Data Service
  • More than 500 scouted matches.

  • Increase revenue by up to 30%.

  • More than 1,000 football matches on offer.

  • Unlimited betting opportunities without often “bet stops”.

Usage Possibilities

White Label White Label

White Label
  • Rapid deployment.

  • High revenue from deployment.

  • Minimal costs to start up online betting or casinos.

  • Simple solution for launching online businesses.

Usage Possibilities

Free Coupon Free Coupon

Free Coupon
  • Setup for single and/or combine betslip

  • Various limit settings as per need

  • Smart UI for enduser which exites them to stay engage

  • Enduser can choose best time to play FreeCoupon

Usage Possibilities

Free Bet Free Bet

Free Bet
  • Redeem user to play bonus bet with all stake

  • Credit won amount direct into main balance

  • Separate risk management for Freebet

  • Player can choose to play freebet or normal bonus

Usage Possibilities

Free Spin Free Spin

Free Spin
  • Leading gaming provider with freespin feature

  • Different level of freespin as per your marketing strategies

  • Customize your freespin package for different user

  • Easy to use freespin on user end with notification

Usage Possibilities

Point System Point System

Point System
  • Customize settings for Points and/or Balance conversion

  • On every deposit, auto give away points

  • Convert points into real balance

  • Statistics for Point system

Usage Possibilities

Cashout Cashout

  • Customize solution on selected markets

  • Dynamic % setup on number of events in betslip

  • PreMatch event available for cashout when match goes live

  • Partial cashout and number of time cashout management

Usage Possibilities

Horse Racing

Revolutionary experience of real horse races! No animation, more than 1,300 unique recordings.

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